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Adult Fitness: How I Won The Beachbody Quarterly Challenge!

me before pic


How I went from this, to becoming the winner of the Beachbody Quarterly Challenge in the last quarter of 2012.


Well I’m not going to tell you it was easy, that’s for sure. I will tell you it was worth every minute though!

About 2 years ago today I started my journey to get fit and healthy. Long story short, I did a few rounds of P90X and failed each time. I finally got sick of failing and bought P90X2 and gave it my all. I had lost some weight and body fat over my first year but not much. Not until I decide to do things by the book did I start to see some real infomercial type results. I started  my round of P90X2 with a Challenge Group. I also decided to use Shakeology and the rest is history. I ended up loosing a total of 48lbs and 20% body fat.

My After Pic

After my round of P90X2 I submitted my results for my FREE P90X2 t-shirt and entered the BeachBody Challenge. I continued to workout and eat healthy everyday. I entered my results on the 1st of each month hoping to be picked one day to be the daily winner of $500. Well one day In October I received a phone call from beachbody letting me know I had one! I was soo excited to of won $500. On top of being in shape and healthier, I also won $500, what? That was awesome! All my hard work had payed of, literally lol.

Adult Fitness Get paid to eat Healthy and get in shape

















I didn’t plan on things going any further than that. I was extremely happy with my results and the money was just a bonus so I continued on with my journey helping others along the way. Well later in November I received another call from Beachbody informing me I had been chosen to be the monthly winner in my age group 30-39 winning me another cash prize of $1000 (seriously!). I thought things couldn’t get any better when I won the daily prize, now another $1000 taking my winnings to $1500! That’s not all, I was also told that I was now up for a chance at being the quarterly winner and another $5000. I just couldn’t believe it. Me the fat out of shape beer drinking, cigarette smoking, lazy video game playing guy has a chance at winning a total of $6500. All this  for just doing something I should of done years ago. Working out everyday along with drinking my Shakeology has changed my life in more ways than just physical. Continuing on with my lifestyle change was starting to look even better to me!

Adult Fitness October Monthly winner















The voting for the Beachbody Quarterly was going to take place in the beginning of February. At this point I thought enough was enough. I had a good run and was happy with the $1500. The holidays were approaching and I was busy with the beachbody coaching aspect of things. Customers were gearing up for xmas and getting ready to start new Challenge Groups on the 1st of the year. I sent out the message of when the voting would be and asked my friends and family to vote, if not for me someone who they thought should be the winner. The voting had come and gone and I had actually written it off, that I was not the winner. The night came for the winner to be announced and I was busy working on my PC When one of my friends who was in the challenge with me sent a message saying I had won! There was going to be one male and one female chosen. So I went onto and found this.

I cannot describe how I felt. Sheer joy flowed through my body! I cannot believe I was voted the male winner! I had won another $5000 and a expenses paid to trip to LA!  Who would of thought 2 years ago deciding to get fit and eat healthy would lead to all of this? Hard work and determination does pay off. If me the average everyday guy from a small town in NY can do it, so can you! I am now up for consideration to win a trip to Las Vegas for the Beachbody Summit and a chance to win $100,000. All I can say is stick with it! Make me your FREE Beachbody coach, I will plug you into a Challenge Group just like I was. You will get all the motivation and accountability you need! Join me and my Team DestinationRipped to make a lifestyle change!

FYI After I found out I was the quarterly winner, I was also notified that my before and after pics were used in the new P90X2 Infomercial!

Adult Fitness Infomercial pic!












Some info and links, to find out more just click below on the topic you would like to know more about

 My Winnings!

Adult Fitness: getting paid to get in Shape











Adult Fitness 1000 winner



Adult fitness my Quarterly win check








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Awesome job "chief" :D  Hope to be a winner in our group too someday, I'm glad we partnered up


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